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Brighter Touch Coatings is a Melbourne based firm established in 2005 as a painting & decorating company with an emphasis on craftsmanship and outstanding design outcomes. We are committed to providing excellence in our coating services to ensure client satisfaction as we work alongside every trade within domestic and commercial constructions.

We offer painting and decorating planning on new developments hand in hand with architect planners, construction and developers with vast expertise in a range of coatings from new developments of apartments to shop fronts and commercial factors. The company reinforces its design and architectural focus on involvements to every project and a fresh and dynamic design outlook. As we strive to deliver design excellence and innovative solutions, our approach is to carry out thorough planning stages of the project at hand ,to allow for each stage of the design process.

Planning and development is a crucial process from the design to finishing touches, in building terms (Lockup stage). Good environmental practices guide every project. We believe in intergrading with other builders in construction with a systematic approach to design and building services creating more vibrant and livable spaces, vibrant workplaces and work around an affordable budget throughout the project.
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