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Why Brighter Touch
If you are going to take the effort to repaint or paint from scratch it would be worth the time and effort to call a master paint specialist. Brighter Touch offer a wide variety of texture, interior and exterior painting needs throughout Victoria.

There is a basic reason why some paints are cheaper than other paints, that all relates to the ingredients that go into it. Better quality paints offer a better stain resistance compare to cheaper paints of that class. Paint needs to be able to stand up to everyday wear and tear which is all quite normal in a busy home or office. Normally the higher the binder content the harder it is for stains to penetrate the surface of paints. Top quality acrylic paints acrylic paints are resistant to household cleaners, which means the paint applied last longer even after the stains have been removed. The higher the gloss or sheen level the more durable the paint is to cleaning or stains.

Our core business is to provide unbelievable craftsmanship from using high quality materials. A great number of colour ranges that can be measured prep coated also available our expertise is to colour match and find the colour that are most sustainable within your home/office or studio.

Whilst Brighter Touch is establishing relationships with new and innovative paints in the market using wonderful manufactures such as Murobond and Pratt & Lambert paints having in mind trying to achieve the unbelievable wonder or creation on the surface required. When Brighter Touch plan your painting needs have NO fear as we will remove the worry out of hiring tradesmen; with the professional experienced consultants who understand the intricacies of residential renovations to architectural design homes built. Our service can save you time and money with the experience of heritage homes which require lots of delicate colours, repairs and maintance.

Brighter Touch are environmentally friendly as we recycle our materials we dispose of paints with Dulux Waste Paint Hardener as they are committed to reducing the impact on the environment. Brighter Touch is ever evolving into recycling used products and Eco Recycling Victoria.

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